Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sharing Anchors Community

It takes a village to raise a child, certainly, and to educate one. No one teacher, not even one school, and lately, I've been thinking, not even one village or one country can educate a child. At least, not as well as all of us. Together, we have beautiful lessons, excellent resources, a vast toolbox of strategies, and the broad range of skills and strengths necessary to customize an extraordinary learning experience for each child. We just have to share. And sharing, Clay Shirky writes, anchors community, the community we need to support each child. Dean Shareski, in the freely shared keynote address below, argues that sharing is a teacher's job. He asks, why hoard good teaching and learning? In fact, he says, given the online platforms now available, sharing is no longer an option: it's a moral imperative, an ethical responsibility.

I am grateful to be surrounded by ethical educators. Donna Anderson is one such. In this last year of her teaching career, she has learned about how to use online sharing tools and her first thought is to share some of the resources she has created with us. Go to her grade 2 wiki. Enjoy.

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