Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I did this week that I didn’t even know about five years ago

  • Put together a Christmas Connections Listserv “cool links” email by adding content saved to my Delicious social bookmarking site .
  • Posted information about a new book in our DRC collection on our Facebook page.
  • Developed a Twitter workshop, including an online poll for choosing our discussion question.  
  • Helped a school team set up iPads. 
  • Helped a teacher set up a web camera to use as a document camera in her classroom.
  • Approved a post to a collaborative Posterous blog that I administer.
  • Posted a picture of a classroom strategy on a Pinterest bulletin board
  • Added an information flyer to our wiki.
  • Uploaded a video to youtube and then shared how to embed it on a classroom wiki.
  • Took videos of a student showcase of learning that I will edit (soon).
And then wrote about it here.

The question is - is it helpful for kids and teachers?  Or am I just creating more binders to gather digital dust and files that disappear into digital cabinets and “toys” that distract us for a while and then are shelved, too, never to be seen again?

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