Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bright Spot: Blogging Educators

A moment ago, an email arrived to approve a post for a collaborative blog we’ve set up for a technology project we have under way.  The post took my breath away – just the honesty of it, the thoughtfulness, the hard work of it – to reflect after a long day, to learn in front of the world (or at least a few colleagues) – so that together we can all learn from and build upon those experiences.

Chris Kennedy argues that BC is leading Canada (and perhaps the world) in the professional use of social media in K-12 education. He gives a list of seven reasons to explain it.  I’m not sure about the first six (although they make sound sense), but I’m absolutely certain of the last:  “We have an amazingly dedicated profession:  Even in challenging times, it is stunning to see the number of teachers, school administrators and other educators spending time in their evenings and weekends to reflect and share through their blogs, Twitter and other venues.”

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